Jere Miles

Jere has been creating games since first learning BASIC on an Atari 800 back in the early 1980's. He has since earned degrees in Computer Science from Florida State University and Appalachian State University, culminating in a Master's thesis on improving the believability of computer controlled characters by using genetic algorithms in the decision making process.

Currently, Jere is a full-time instructor at Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, NC. He has designed the newly implemented Simulation and Game Development curriculum at the college and currently serves as both advisor and lead instructor.

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Raylene Miles

Being a self taught artist has allowed Raylene to focus her time on the styles that lend themselves to the artistry within her head. She prefers to use traditional oils for painting and charcoal for sketching. Raylene also spent time studying voice, being pushed towards a career in opera, but she preferred to keep her voice and ear within the chorus of the church of her youth.

Raylene is currently pursuing a career in human services, focusing on helping troubled teens. When she has time, she lends her ear to the construction of soundtracks and her eye to the concept designs of game worlds.

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